Friendly stores in Taipei have launched ten themed itineraries based on unique tourist attractions.
In addition to exploring Taipei City’s rich cultural history, natural landscapes and bustling business districts, let’s also visit Taipei’s friendly stores along the route that are unique and offer a variety of considerate services.




By promoting the "Store Transformation in Taipei" project, Taipei City is assisting gourmet restaurants and traditional industry stores in transforming and improving their competitiveness. Taipei City provides guidance to stores in strategic positioning, rebranding, commercial design, and store renovation. As of 2013, 170 stores have been successfully renovated. There are 41 in Dadaocheng and 34 in Wanhua, driving the prosperity of the neighborhood. This plan starts from business transformation, focusing on the core brand of the store, citing historical heritage, injecting culture, creating diverse experiences, turning the store into an attraction, increasing the overall industrial output value, and hoping to create a tourist highlight in Taipei.
The Themed Itineraries takes you deep into Dadaocheng and Wanhua old stores, and visit the most beautiful spots in Taipei!