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Located on the Section 3 of Lingyun Road, the Guanyingshan Visitor Center features red tiles and white walls for its architectural exterior. Surrounded by clusters of lush green mountains, the Center appears all the more unique and graceful. Guanyingshan tourist information is displayed in the Center, along with hiking trails and Guangyingshan pre-historic cultural activities, archeological sites and pre-historic pottery pieces excavated in the surrounding. In remembrance of the Quanyingshan quarrying era, a stone sculpture park is planned and attached to the Visitor Center. The Park has commissioned the artist, Mr. Wang Xiuji, to create a huge stone column named, “Descendant of the Dragon”. The column is made up with Guanyin stones, cut, sculpted then joined together, measuring 10 meters in height and 1.5 meters in diameter. Each layer of the sculpture features a different theme, including Taiwan landscapes, scenic attractions, folk arts & crafts. The column is now the spiritual landmark of Guanyingshan. On your visit here, be sure to slow down and admire the rustic and demure beauty as expressed by Guanyingshan stones.
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Property location

  • No. 130, Sec. 3, Lingyun Rd., Wugu Dist., New Taipei City 248, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 02-8635-5156
  • Friendly-Coliseum
25.1158101, 121.4299122

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