Spring City Resort


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Immerse yourself in the white sulfur spring of happiness.

Hidden alongside a quiet elegant pathway in Beitou , Spring City Resort is the Xanadu outside the city. The resort features white sulfur spring, also known as the Milky Spring or the Beauty Spring for its nourishing spring quality and milky white color. Without restraint, feel relaxed and carefree soaking in the bubbling hot spring!!

Enjoy serenity in the quiet and elegant getaway.

The creamy white room decor in Spring City Resort creates cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Simply and elegantly designed, each room is filled with serenity and equipped with a bathtub made of Guanyin stone that relaxes resort guests with a white sulfur spring experience. In addition to accommodation, resort guests can enjoy facilities and services such as open-air hot spring, the members-only club, outdoor swimming pools, SPAs and Chinese-, Western- or Japanese-style restaurants. Staying in Spring City Resort is a luxury in the city and the optimal choice for a holiday stay in Beitou away from hustle and bustle!!
  • Xinbeitou  Metro Station:  Xinbeitou

Property location

  • No.18 Youya Rd. Beitou Dist. Taipei City 11243 Taiwan(R.O.C)
  • (02)2897-5555
  • www.springresort.com.tw
  • Theme-based B&B
25.1375847, 121.51355539999997

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