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  • Mobile device recharging station    Mobile device recharging station
  • Friendly accessibility    Friendly accessibility
  • Gender friendly    Gender friendly
  • Friendly bathroom    Friendly bathroom
  • Free WiFi    Free WiFi
  • Breastfeeding (lactation) room    Breastfeeding (lactation) room
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Business hour

Business hour Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Open - 9:00 9:00 9:00 9:00 9:00 -
Close - 18:00 18:00 18:00 18:00 18:00 -
Business hour Open Close
Sunday - -
Monday 9:00 18:00
Tuesday 9:00 18:00
Wednesday 9:00 18:00
Thursday 9:00 18:00
Friday 9:00 18:00
Saturday - -


To respond to citizen groups’ demands for office space in Taipei, the Taipei City Government has been performing searches and evaluations, ultimately discovering an old dormitory that had been abandoned for quite some time. With the assistance from many individuals and coordination between internal members of the Taipei City Government, the city government facilitated Taipei First Girls High School officially transferring the building to the Department of Social Welfare (Taipei City Government) to be used as an office space for non-profit organizations in the future.


After intricate renovation, interior decoration, and business invitation endeavors, the Taipei NPO Hub, located south of the historical Taipei City Walls, was officially opened in 2019. The hub contains an open, free community space enough to hold more than 20 organizations, enabling them to engage in frequent communication and interactions to expand their social influence.
  • 中正紀念堂捷運站  Metro Station:  中正紀念堂捷運站
  • 台北火車站  Train Station:  台北火車站
  •   U-BIKE:  距離約0.2公里

Property location

  • No. 2, Section 3, Chongqing S Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100
  • 02-23012160
  • Recreation and Entertainment
25.0295551, 121.5151256

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