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I’M HERE COFFEE was founded in 2007. Over the years, the shop has focused on making the best tasting cup of coffee. Boutique coffee beans from different regions and a uniquely developed roasting method are used to carefully bring out the essence and flavor of each bean. Light roasting produces an acidic, sweet, and rich flavor while dark roasting develops a sweet and thick flavor that stays in your mouth without any burnt or bitter flavor. Coffee is no longer just a bitter thick drink. 
Every link, from the purchase of raw beans to picking out flawed beans, developing roasting techniques, and the final brewing, is our commitment that at I’M HERE, you will get great coffee!
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Property location

  • No. 79, Alley 989, Lane 401, Section 7, Chengde Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City, 112
  • 02-28582277
  • www.facebook.com
  • Delicious food and specialty
25.1152174, 121.4839304

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