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“You’re flying in the sky, I’m running on the ground.” This promise, made with a good friend named Chi Polin, led the director to embark on a journey deep into remote areas and islands, driving a tofu pudding cart and documenting the homeland with a sincere heart, accompanied by local school children.

In 2021, the tofu pudding cart evolved into a tofu pudding shop, settling in a small alley on Dihua Street, continuing to share the beauty of Taiwan’s land in pursuit of a dream. The director’s tofu pudding reflects the essence of his lens on the treasure island - simple, warm, and inclusive, embracing the old and the new.

Taro pearls, Osmanthus flower rice cakes, and maltose water, all recreate the director’s childhood memories. Just as in making documentaries, he seeks the truth and goodness; the ingredients in his tofu pudding are no different. The director’s camera never stops, as he continues to run on the ground, turning good intentions into actions, one bowl of tofu pudding at a time, action!
  • 保安街口、迪化街  Bus Station:  保安街口、迪化街
  • 大橋頭站、北門站  Metro Station:  大橋頭站、北門站

Property location

  • No. 24, Ln. 224, Sec. 1, Dihua St., Datong Dist., Taipei City
  • 02-27131979
  • Delicious food and specialty
25.05942, 121.508704

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