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Store Transformation in Taipei

【Brand story】

In 1945, grandfather took my father and rode on a bicycle from Sanxia to Wanhua. They started their business by selling peanut candy in buckets. The Huang family started the splendid tradition of Han cakes almost 70 years ago next to the Longshan Temple. Amidst the bustling temple atmosphere, they satisfied the growling stomachs of countless children from Mengjia.

Grandmother invented a unique recipe with traditional pastries wrapped in a buttery fragrance. Curry, stewed pork, sweet and savory, green bean cakes, and navy bean paste, all carry a sense of nostalgia. Used in weddings, ceremonies, holiday gifts, or enjoyed as a hand snack, they come out of the oven every day, bringing harmony and auspiciousness. A double blessing passed down through the generations, savor the fragrance~

【Key points of transformation】

The long-established Mengjia Han Cake brand is undergoing a cultural makeover to promote local heritage. With nearly 70 years of history in the vicinity of Longshan Temple, it’s unfortunate that they haven’t previously connected with the local cultural imagery. Additionally, the dominance of Western pastries and bread has obscured their unique product features. The transformation this time is centered on “Traditional Han Cakes,” and it’s accompanied by the slogan “Harmony and Fragrance of Mengjia with Blessings.” This slogan aims to link the temple’s culture, strengthen local marketing, and attract both domestic and international tourists. In addition to designing a new brand identity and revamping the store’s interior, the product display and sales strategy has also been reevaluated. This is all aimed at enhancing the traditional charm of the Han Cake store.

Transformation photos






One Xiang, Two He, and Meng’s Fragrant Flavor

Taste is the key to memories, walking through the resplendent beauty of Mengjia, witnessing the rise and fall of old Taipei City for over half a century.

Double Harmony has remained steadfast with an unchanged flavor, Guarding and accompanying the nostalgia for the old times, Creating the possibility of showcasing a brand-new local culture.
  • 龍山寺捷運站  Metro Station:  龍山寺捷運站
  • 萬華火車站  Train Station:  萬華火車站

Property location

  • No. 308, Kangding Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City
  • 02-23061234
  • Delicious food and specialty
25.0360563, 121.5012139

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